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Grey skies

Desert. Grey skies all day.  Is this finally the end of the long summer? We only reached a max of 29 today. Cool. Autumn is here at last.

Satellite Pic

Satellite Pic

Magpie larks and white-browed babblers are roaming and pecking my backyard. Definitely autumn. At least the grasshoppers and locusts seem to have disappeared. Weeks and weeks of dead insect bodies astrew my kitchen floor greeted us each morning. I’d sweep them up, toss them on to the verandah for the birds.  The number of red-back spiders seems to have diminished this past week also. Must get the swampy (air conditioner) serviced and clean out all those spider nests I can see in the evaporative batts.   I’m still checking, spraying and cleaning under my bike seat & mudguards, just in case. Red-backs are very good at concealing themselves … and emerging mid-ride, tickling your skin as you pedal, sweat, pump adrenaline at a fast rate around your body and ponder how best to get rid of the mother-f*..er.  No more snakes venturing too close for my comfort. No more emergency calls to the Snake Catcher.  Yep, definitely the end of summer.

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