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GORD (aka GERD by Americans who don’t or can’t spell oesophagus with an o) is awful. I’m trying to ignore the pain in the throat & oesophagus. Attempting to ignore the nausea. Resigned to having to pop more drugs than I’d like later today. Blah. Voice is scratchy too. Otherwise life is fine and good. Really. 🙂

Top marks (unusually) for comments made yesterday by the Chief Minister and Acting Commander of NT Police, Peter Bravos, the police officer heading up the investigation into the boat explosion off Ashmore Reef.  See here for the Chief Minister’s comment, and here for the Commander’s comment made at a press conference yesterday afternoon. (You’ll need to scroll down the transcript page to where it say Peter Bravos, NT Police.)  Let the police and associated investigators do their job BEFORE we start blaming and speculating please.

Spent my morning in the kitchen. Vegetarian lentil patties made from scratch. Smell and taste delightful. Full of good stuff and low GI too, Jenni Brand-Miller would be pleased.  Steamed some vegies and made some mash. All I need do this evening is re-heat it all in the microwave. Lovely.  Made my weekly batch of low-volume high-density muesli bars yesterday. With the GORD sometimes I feel like I’m living on nuts and seeds.  With some dried fruit thrown in for sweetness.  Least it all tastes good.  And with this low-volume eating I do, obesity will never be a problem.  Could that be the cure for the country’s obesity problem? Give them all a severe case of GORD that isn’t fully responsive to medication?

The plane is receiving its’ 100-hourly service today. Yay! My domestic partner (DP) finally opted to have the job done here in the Alice, thus freeing up some time for him to spend on some of the other items on this year’s To Do List.  We still need to get the auto-pilot installed, that’s to be done in Brisbane. DP bought the auto-pilot many months ago, just before the GFC hit.  To save some $$$ DP decided to do some of the wiring and other plane-techy-stuff himself.  But then staffing problems and ongoing negotiations for the new Certified Agreement suddenly saw DP working a new roster, a roster that kept him at work for longer. Time is ticking by, the warranty on the auto-pilot states it has to be installed soon or it will be voided. DP’s only managed to do 3/4 of the prep work.  But finally making a decision to get the 100-hourly done locally means he can use what little time off work he has to fly the plane to Brissy to get the auto-pilot installed.  Of course it won’t happen overnight so he’ll need to jump on a Qantas bird to get home. Then do the trip in reverse when the plane will be, should be FINALLY finished!  With luck we’ll get in a trip to Perth & Esperance later this year.  That is, unless all those other items on the List, like major renovations on the Brissy house and minor renovations on the Adelaide house & a mandatory training course don’t intervene.

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