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All a Twitter!

I’ve been experimenting with Twitter.  I lurked for a long time before joining. But having joined, I am getting a lot of satisfaction from “following” others’ “tweets” (basically a very short post).

Think of Twitter as a stream of conversation. When you log in, it’s like you’ve just walked in to a busy room where everybody (or those you’ve elected to follow) are talking. You can join in, make your own statements or ask questions, or simply sit back and enjoy the conversations around you. Before you jump in and say that it’s all a load of crap, I have found Twitter to be useful. It all depends upon choosing wisely the people you wish to “follow”.

I live in the NT. During the recent Queensland elections (my former home), I was keen on watching the tally room count (yes, very odd hobby but there you have it, and I know I’m not alone in this!). The Qld election results were not being broadcast in to the NT, and the ABC News website was quite slow in updating. The answer was to be found on Twitter. Specifically the twitterer from the ABC who had the job of updating the tweets during the night’s counting. Those tweets included much of the text of speeches made by the winning premier and the outgoing opposition leader.  For me, it was a great way to keep up to date with something I’m very interested in.

Yes, there is a whole lot of crap posts or tweets on Twitter. But the trick I have found is to search out your interests and follow only those people who tweet regularly on matters that you find useful, fun or interesting to read.  To expand your list of people to follow, spend some time now and again clicking at random the people being followed by your favourite people.  For example, I’m interested in Australian politics, sociology, current affairs, internet censorship, photography and technology. A chance encounter with a hyperlink led me to the writer Stilgherrian’s website which, in turn led me to his Twitter page:https://twitter.com/stilgherrian.  Stil’s twitter stream that day led me further into the depths of the internet, to sites I’d not read before and hadn’t known existed. Articles and comments on subjects that gave me pause for thought.  I think that’s fantastic! I see the internet as a wondrous and great resource, helping my brain’s neuroplasticity (you can google that one yourself if you’re not familiar with the concept).  I’m being educated, informed and entertained, sometimes all at once.

Stilgherrian’s twitter page led me to Mark Pesce’s twitter presence. Pesce’s name was familiar to me from ABC-TV’s The New Inventors . Now, I’m not a great fan of the show, I only find it mildly interesting. But I’d always been fascinated by the fact that one of the regular panellists (Mark Pesce) was a “futurist”.  What the fuck is a futurist??? Mr Pesce’s twitter page led me to his website/blog  The Human Network which revealed all.  Well okay, not “all” but there are some intriguing and thought provoking essays on his blog, covering subjects such as digital citizenship. Now, there’s an interesting concept to be explored.

Back to Twitter.  Over a few days I went explored the pages of the people Stilgherrian and Pesce followed on Twitter.  I discovered the news twitterers (ABC, Crikey, New Matilda amongst others).  I found politicians – Malcolm Turnbull and Mike Rann (Premier of South Australia) to be informative and regularly updated.  I found writers like John Birmingham who not only tweets and writes books, he also writes a couple of great blogs for the Brisbane Times:  Blunt Instrument and The Geek .

From there, the world was my oyster. Wil Anderson provides me with light relief  (and occasionally ROFLMAO moments), whilst Wolf Cat provides not only light relief, there’s also terrific photos (his own) and great road trips. More importantly, many of those twitter pages and their conversation streams have led me, as mentioned above, to sites I’d not normally come in to contact with. So, thank you to Twitter, and thank you also to the twitterers tweeting.

Just remember, you DON’T have to join Twitter in order to enjoy the tweets.

  1. May 20, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I find that twitter can be a bit of a two edged sword. Good for info and news and making contacts but if you ejoy procrastinating it can take time away from your blogging/life/family

    • May 20, 2009 at 1:25 pm

      Oh yes, the Twittering can chew up your time. Way too distracting some days. But I do like the idea of making simple, short commentary on various topics as I pass through my day. Very much like a conversation along the lines of “hey did you see this on the news today?”.

      I do really like the fact that it has led me down all sorts of wonderful paths of the deep internet, I’ve stumbled across a number of sites I’ve just never seen before. The internet is a truly magical creature, full of nooks and crannies. With plenty of space for more, in spite of recent news coverage to the contrary. 🙂

  2. May 21, 2009 at 7:32 am

    I make a rule not to turn on my tweetdeck until I have completed the posts and answered emails, it seems to be working at the moment.

    • May 21, 2009 at 12:52 pm

      That’s just so …. disciplined! 🙂 At the moment I’m unemployed, sorry that should be semi-retired, and I have the luxury of time to myself to spend wandering the dark and light halls of the internet. Cheaper than taking a holiday.

  3. May 21, 2009 at 9:15 am

    “spend some time now and again clicking at random the people being followed by your favourite people” Hmm, guess that is how you found me then! Nice to meet you, desert girl. Keep up the great blogging:)

    x GoodMumBadMum

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