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All rugged up with the Ventolin to hand & a little art

I’m 47 years old. You’d think I would know by now. It’s been happening for the past 5 years or so. Every time I get a cold or the flu (maybe once or twice a year) it’s followed by a period of worsening asthma. The coughing started last night. I ended up sitting upright in bed until 2am. Puffing and sucking on the Ventolin. And then again first thing this morning. I did remember to use 2 preventative puffs prior to hopping astride the bike and riding in to town. Didn’t stop the paroxysm of coughing and wheezing whilst I was browsing the nudes (art, art, art) at Studio 12 (I like to collect female nude paintings and there was a new display at the artists’ collective gallery in Todd Mall).  More Ventolin before it came under control.  I’m sure the paintings had nothing to do with the coughing. Nice enough paintings but not worth my buying.

Some of the other art works on display are delightful so, if you’re in town, it is worth popping in to Studio 12. They’re just opposite The Lane in Alice Springs. Or Bar Doppio’s. Depends where you’re standing. What I like about Studio 12 is that it is so quick and easy to browse. I find I’m inclined to enter this gallery far more frequently than any of the others. Friendly too. Must do a gaze around the other art galleries in the Mall environs soon. When I stop coughing and doing the sucking Ventolin thing. I like to get in at the change of seasons, so about 4 times per year. Some fantastic art goes on display in this town.

I’m home alone this week. Wondering if I should set the alarm early tomorrow so I can make myself an emergency appointment at the doctors clinic. Have my lung function checked out and on record. Get me some of those prednisolone tablets, the foulest tasting tablets on the planets but by goodness they’re effective. At the moment it’s been 3 hours since I needed the reliever and I’m not coughing. Yet. This is a good thing. Hopefully I will sleep more peacefully tonight.  No reflux at all today. Lovely.

Watched the news about the Brisbane floods tonight. So glad Domestic Partner & I never built in underneath the high-set house. Left it the old-fashioned Queensland way, with just a laundry trough, the hot water system and otherwise open to the air. And the creek. Which I note, has broken its banks and is flooding the streets. They’re saying its all worse than the 1974 flood, but I can’t see that yet myself. This is already looking like subsiding quickly, no doubt due in great part to the massive flood proofing works the Brisbane City Council did post 74.

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