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Twitter – this time a useful article

There are a lot of articles out on the web on Twitter. Many of them purport to tell you how to use the social media site to increase your business, boost your sales or network or to find a job. Many of them read the same, lacking new insight or information. Until now.

Stilgherrian’s post written back at the end of January has to be the most informative and useful guide to Twitter I’ve read thus far. So thank you Stilgherrian. He not only explains succinctly what and how Twitter works, he explains how he uses TweetDeck to manage his reading & interacting with his followers. More importantly he explains why. I now have a much better handle on how to make better use of Tweet Deck. I had been experimenting with different set ups & arrangements, but Stil’s method has provided me with a terrific management idea. Yes!

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