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Haven’t forgotten this blog … honest

Have been distracted. Then I had the flu. Doubt if it was swine but it was very mild. I choose not to be tested. As does another nurse friend who is also recuperating from the flu. We suspect the swine flu or plain flu numbers in Alice Springs are a lot higher than reported. I’m coping with the post-flu congestion now.

The Domestic Partner has been away, returned and now he’s preparing to go away again. And he announced this morning that he’ll only have two days back in town before he flies out on yet another trip for work.

I’ve been asked to join my sister in her Big Move aka The Road Trip from Brisbane to Adelaidein early August. I’m thinking about this. Would love to do the journey. But I am currently without paid employment. And I do have a 10 day trip to Tasmania booked for September to visit my daughter. It doesn’t fit well to ask my Partner for money to cover my trip costs, even if I know I will repay him after I’m working again. More thinking required before I give my sister my final answer. In the meantime, as she only has dial-up and I have fast broadband, I have been spending some time collecting and collating tourist brochures, maps and Google Street View screen shots for my sister. She hasn’t driven a car for a very long time, she can be a bit of a nervous navigator although her driving skills are top rate. So I figure the maps and pictures will inspire and help.

  1. seantheblogonaut
    June 14, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    PssT Can you send me your resume sbwright @ gmail.com

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