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Think I’m getting better!

Today, I felt almost human again. It’s been a long & arduous journey but finally I have turned the corner. The virus is retreating, the asthma has settled dramatically, appetite is returning. And I’m not quite so weary. Still a wee bit tired, but that’s to be expected I guess. Will be at work on Monday. I’ll drive, think I may be pushing my luck if I ride the bike.

Missed the Show. That’s a pity.

Did finally get around to completing that job application and deciding what hours I’m prepared to work. Will email that off tomorrow for I know the Administrator will check her work emails on her days off.  Rounded up a referee who wasn’t dead or nowhere to be found.

I seem to be surrounded by people planning Big Road Trips. Had a great chat tonight with a friend who is hoping to spend a few weeks driving from Alice – Melbourne – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Alice via the Isa. What a journey!

My sister has bought a car from a trusted friend and is opting to do her Big Road Trip from Brisbane to Adelaide via a leisurely 10 days meandering through NSW and Victoria. I have been invited to join this trip, it’s a wonderful opportunity to record extra stills and video, and reconnoitre some background planning for next year’s driving trips, all to add to a handful of artistic projects currently underway. Some fantastic ideas firing off in my head with this: chronicling recovery, exploring middle-age self-confidence and feminism & then there’s the madcap exploration of Australian genre outback/rural film, fantasies abound. Every person has a story, a journey travelled. Old but true.

Assuming I get the permanent job, I’m not sure I’ll get the time off in August for the Road Trip, but I have asked. I am willing to forgo the trip although I’d dearly love to participate. I have also requested time off work to flit off to Tasmania to see Youngest Born Daughter. My flights cover the same time period as the Administrator’s, but I am happy enough to push my trip back to October and reduce it to 3 weeks. I am not willing to cancel this one. Haven’t seen the Youngest for more than 15 months now. And I am very keen to spend some time exploring the west coast and north-west of the island, the only parts I’ve not yet seen. Tassie’s a lovely spot. Funny, my friend tonight laughed and said “listen to us, here we are, living in the desert, planning detailed trips to luxuriant green landscapes”. 🙂 Time to start thinking about leaving the desert?  <: -)  Maybe in a year or two.


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