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Stuffed Goats

It’s one thing to plan a road trip, quite another to drive it – nothing ever goes to plan. 🙂  And you never end up taking as many photos as you’d like.

Packing up the house in Brisbane was hectic & time consuming. We hit the road by lunch time. Takes forever to get out of Brisbane, the suburbs and motorways seeming to stretch endlessly. Finally, an hour or so later, we finally turned down the Cunningham Highway at Ipswich and headed out in to the countryside, aiming to cross the border in to NSW by mid-afternoon.

Wanting an easy day for our first day on the road, we pulled up at Tenterfield for the evening.

It is always a delight to spend time in this small, historic NSW village that sits astride the Great Dividing Range on the New England Highway. Peter Allen country (Tenterfield Saddler, a song Allen wrote about his grandfather).

A very pretty town, it comes complete with the wonderful Mitchell’s Shoes & Accessories shop (complete with obscure objets d’art on the walls, courtesy of local taxidermist, Elizabeth Schumann), delightful coffee shops, bakeries and assorted fashionable frock shops.

We spent a lot of time in the shoe shop, Mother was finally able to source her favoured slippers made from real sheep skin, as well as noticing (and then purchasing) her favourite brand of orthotic shoes. My sister bought fluorescent pink socks and I just admired the stuffed goat heads on the wall. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fit one in the boot of my sister’s car.)

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