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Quiet Sundays in the Desert

I adore quiet Sundays, those days when the neighbourhood is quietly resting, just a few cars driving past but barely disturbing the peace.

My daughter and her lovely partner have departed, their company, whilst unobtrusive, is missed by both myself and my partner.

Then I had to return to work. Full on, short staffed, myriad of things that went wrong and needing fixing. And somehow, the new administrative assistant whom I am supposed to be supporting, she seems to believe that I am the fount of all knowledge of administrative matters for this organisation. The remaining few staff also seem to think I know a lot more than I do. I try to explain that the Administrator (capital ‘A’) is the wondrous fount of knowledge, not I. I point out that I’ve only been working for a few months, and only on certain tasks and no, no, no, a thousand times no, I do not have access to the organisation’s online banking facility or its credit card. So I can’t pay those bills, sorry.

Should be most interesting when the Administrator returns to the office on Tuesday morning. Just in time for the payroll to be done again. And to discover that no, they didn’t end up doing those job interviews they were meant to do two weeks ago. I see task upon task piling up on the Administrator’s desk.

Glad I’m off out of town shortly (again) (yes, I know, can’t tie me down).

  1. September 27, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Sunday tends to be bsy down here. I went to see Janet Preston, Australia’s boggie woogie queen. She was good.

    Planning to be sick next week ? That Administrator will be like a bear with a sore head 🙂

    • October 1, 2009 at 11:31 am

      Indeed she is like a bear with a sore head! She has returned to work, bringing with her the remnants of a nasty cold. 🙂 At least her growls have been directed at another and not myself or my administrative colleague. (Phew!) She’s going through the accounts with a fine toothed comb and saying things like “no, no, NO!!!!”. I am now surplus to requirements so enjoyed a day off today.

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