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An artistic life

I love looking at artists’ blogs & websites.  Apart from the beautiful images often posted therein, I enjoy the insight I get in to their minds and their art. I find it can be as relaxing as a slow meander of an art gallery on a quiet afternoon. It can also be incredibly inspiring, firing up my own creative synapses, presenting me with ideas I’d like to explore.

No matter what medium the artist works with, be it photography, painting, sculpture, text or film (to name but a few), art does have value. Art for art’s sake, not just as a commodity. (Although, to be paid for one’s art is very nice feedback for one’s endeavours.)

The internet makes it so easy for artists to share their work with the world. It’s great and I appreciate it.

I’m quite a fan of people using their blogs as a form of text-based creative exploration. They might be discussing any manner of topic, but the fact that they’re writing and putting it ‘out there’ on the web for all to see, makes it creative. I also enjoy those who post video monologues to achieve the same end, a discussion on a topic, expressing thoughts and maybe exploring different options as they talk. I do love it when a writer uses the web in this way as one means of exploring and creating.

I have a great love of photography. I’m not a great fan of digital manipulation although I appreciate the skill and artistry. I prefer the thoughtfully composed (or luckily composed!) simple photograph. Landscapes, the urban jungle and fine art nudes are my favourite themes.

I find paintings and drawings fascinating. Possibly because I don’t draw very well at all. 🙂 I love to look closely at the details, to see the brushstrokes and colours. That’s easier done when you have the painting in front of you in a gallery or studio. But I get a lot of enjoyment from reading what the artist has to say about how a particular painting came about and what they were trying to express. Again my favourite subjects are landscapes and female nudes. I like nudes that show women’s beauty within. This is something I look for in photographs of women too.

Artists who work with film or performance challenge me. Often the material they are presenting makes you think, sometimes about issues you’ve not given thought to before. I like that.

Anyway, here is an assortment of artists whose sites have given me much delight this weekend. Some of them have been ‘Favourites’ for a long time, some recently discovered and a few recently re-discovered.

Note: Some of the sites may feature some nudity and/or sexual imagery or discussion thereof. Not all. Just a few. It’s art. It’s relevant. It’s worthwhile.


xobs – and do read her ‘about’ page

Kate Hughes

Just A Perfect Day


If Not For You Then Who – play a couple of the videos

Faceless-Music – this group are exploring “Dead and Desirable”, life on the internet.

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    couldn’t agree more

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