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The flood of 2010

About that rain mentioned in an earlier post. It began on the 7th January and continued to rain for four days. The Todd River is usually a dry, sandy river bed. It filled. With water. And began to flow.

Fast. Deep.

It flooded.

Whilst not quite the catastrophic event here as it would be in other towns in Australia, a flooding of the Todd River in Alice Springs is still quite exciting and entertaining for tourists and locals alike.

Roads were cut. Highways were cut. And if the local power generation station did not open its access gates to the general public people on my side of town would have been isolated from the main part of town where the hospital and shops are.

As I type a thunderstorm has rolled in and over us. More rain. We’ve had more than half our average annual rainfall in a mere four days.  127.4mm.  Not bad.  Especially as last year we only received a total of 77mm.

Taffy Pick crossing

Taffy Pick bridge

Road closed. Taffy Pick crossing.

Todd River flowing hard and fast near the Tuncks Rd causeway

The causeway near Olive Pink gardens (Tuncks Rd)

Tuncks Rd/Barrett Drv area of the Todd River

  1. January 16, 2010 at 3:39 am

    Wow. Awesome photos. For some reason, flooding has always really fascinated me. I mean, I know it is so often devastating but the way it changes the landscape is just amazing.

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