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But first, a health & work update

Holiday was fantastic, there should be more of them!

Have returned home and reported for duty at the office. This particular new contract is going well. I love it. Nicely paid, nice people & I get to retreat to a spacious office far from the madding crowd. 🙂  The work itself involves databases & a large cupboard of files to be transcribed. Some might think that boring but I find it soothing & I like the pay packet.

Health is on the improve! Yay! It’s taken a long time tweaking those meds but finally they’re doing what they’re supposed to do and I’m rarely in pain. Life has almost returned to normal. My stomach is flat again (big yay!). The downside is that I don’t & cannot eat as much food as I’d like. I am starting to lose weight (& I don’t need to) so that’s being monitored over the next few months. Basically I eat my breakfast & a small, entree sized evening meal at either end of my day. During the daytime hours I’m only nibbling on about 6 macadamias (yes, I do count them), sometimes 8 if I’ve been busy physically & maybe a cupcake-sized portion of almond cake or fruit cake. If I try to eat a salad sandwich, even just half a sandwich, that blows the stomach out. So I have persisted with keeping things extra low volume but high calorie.

I am allowed to eat Tasmanian fudge. For the calories. 🙂

Blood pressure has been determined to be fine most of the time. Still on those cholesterol lowering drugs & the whole heart disease thing will be monitored over the coming months.

I do have seasonal asthma (due pollens)(due rains making grasses & flowering trees grow & bloom). Puffer with spacer with me at all times but so far have avoided the hospital’s emergency doctors. 🙂

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