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Come, move to the desert

I’ve been out on holiday. And now I’m back.  Sporadic posts will now recommence.    🙂

Some people I know from Tasmania are relocating to Alice Springs, so most of the posts over the coming weeks will concentrate on my thoughts & feelings about the town. Like most blogs, the content I write is going to be subjective with maybe a modicum of objectivity depending on my mood at the time I write.

I’ll be covering topics such as which suburbs (yes, Alice Springs is just large enough to have its own suburbs) are desirable, which schools & pre-schools would I choose, which medical centre I use and why and so on. All the stuff that people about to move in need to know in order to make semi-informed choices.

Now I don’t usually pass the url of this particular blog on to people I personally know, this is where I express myself completely, and in a small town, anonymity can be a useful thing. If friends or family stumble upon my little hideaway here in the centre of the universe, well, be warned if you go trawling through the archives.

  1. April 30, 2010 at 3:53 am

    Don’t think my sister or parents are remotely interested in anything I write/blog

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