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On a clear day you can see forever …

On crisp, clear, sunny days you feel you can see forever & the beautiful MacDonnell Ranges stand out so sharply against the blue sky. It’s just magnificent to see.

But do you think I should mention the dust?


Okay, so it gets a trifle dusty every now and then. (Photograph taken during the BIG dust storm of 22 September 2008. This photograph was being freely circulated on the net in the days afterwards.)

That photo above was taken from the top of Anzac Hill. You can just make out the mountains & Heavitree Gap in the background.

That particular dust storm then travelled across the country picking up more dust until Sydney woke one morning to find themselves under a red sky.

But for Alice Springs it was followed by an almighty storm with much damage done to the town. I was in the hospital watching trees come down in the car park before venturing home (on my bike!).

Some great, short videos about on You Tube of that day:

1) PurpleRifle’s video is a good one in that you get to hear the guy talking about how to protect your house.

2) OutbackBros’ video shows the storm front.

3) fmlycar’s video shows just what it was like when that storm front hit the town!

NT News of 23 September 2008 has a brief story on the storm & there’s also a gallery with 50 photos of the dust, the storm & the damage.

Some great still shots over at Flickr. They’re protected by copyright so I can’t display them here, but do click on the links:

1) loyobaey took this on 22 Sept 2008. Standing on Anzac Hill looking down into the CBD.

2) MacDonnellliensis’ photo taken looking through the dust-laden air to the Gap,

3) Another shot by the same photographer, this time looking down on the town. (Note, these last two shots were taken on 1 November 2008, another dust storm apparently on that day.)

So how do you cope with the dust?

Embrace it, learn to love the dust & the dust storms. They’re bigger than us, they will win. Might as well enjoy them.

If you can seal your house and windows, do so. But if your house is like mine … then that’s not really an option. I can close the doors & windows but the house is still pretty open to elements as fine as red dust. Some years are worse than others.

You vacuum a lot. I own a Dyson. Highly recommended for clean up operations. Note: I do not clean up after each and every little dust storm that blows through. That’s too much work. I content myself with making sure the kitchen benches are clean, the toilet seats & cisterns are clear & my bed. Eventually I get around to doing the big vacuum & mop.

Soft tissues. Or handkerchiefs. For blowing your dust-laden nose. Ignore the colour of what comes out. (It’s better than living in a smoke filled environment which turns your snot grey or even black.)

Sudafed PE tablets or some other sinus decongestant as advised by your doctor or pharmacist. Because your sinuses will block.

Whatever antihistamine or allergy treatment gets you through the hayfever season. Because with the dust come the pollens & grass seeds.

And don’t bother with white linens or clothes during dust season.  🙂

  1. May 11, 2010 at 1:23 am

    I am finding the dust just as bad down here (general dustyness)not big storms like alice though

    • May 11, 2010 at 7:58 am

      You are living in a dry, drought affected area of SA. Are you north of the Goyder Line? Anyway, dust is part of the South Australian lifestyle. 🙂

      I once saw a HUGE dust storm when I was in Port Augusta a few years back. Was amazing to watch it roll in from afar & then just blanket the town. (I was out at Baxter having a peek at the big fences, barbed wire, big lights & so many security patrols).

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