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Entertaining yourself in Alice … part 1

So what is there to do in Alice?

It’s a bit different to be a resident here than being a short term tourist. There is some cross over in activities but new residents need something to sustain them through many a long day & night spent in the desert. It may be mundane & suburban but reading books (we have a couple of great bookstores) & watching telly do help pass the time. (Next post: we’ll venture away from the house for our entertainment.)

We have an excellent public library, with a marvellous children’s section complete with fun activities & visits from children’s authors throughout the year.

Free to air television (Freeview) supplies us with a mix of digital & analogue channels.


  • Seven Central (a mix of 7 and Ten network programs)(6pm News is from Brisbane.)
  • Imparja/Nine


  • ABC – 1, 2, 3 and HD
  • SBS – One, Two & HD

There’s just one or two little quirks with the digital channels. ABC HD is fed from Sydney so you won’t get NT news. You need to watch ABC 1 for that. (And may I just say, as one who does a fair amount of travelling across the states, ABC NT News has the better newsreaders!)

ABC channels all broadcast as per their stated times.

SBS digital don’t. You need to subtract half an hour from the stated times. This is because it gets it’s feed from the eastern states & the digital channel here is goes to air at Eastern Standard Time, which is 30 minutes ahead of our time zone. This can be useful at times for those late night shows, for example, The Killing starts at 10pm in most places … but here, here we watch it at the more reasonable starting time of 9:30pm.

If you forget to subtract the half hour, don’t worry, you can always switch back to the analogue channel.

It’s quirkier during those months when EST becomes ESST for daylight savings.

If the Freeview channels are not enough, then there’s always Pay TV – Austar.

  1. Anne
    June 8, 2010 at 8:58 pm


    I’d like to add that there’s a thriving, vibrant arts community here in town. Some of the work I’ve seen produced by local artists is astonishing. The local art store, CDU classes, Araluen craft center and the markets all combine to support a really wonderful collection of artistic mediums – textiles seem strongly represented too, with knitting, felting, silk painting and quilting all having a strong presence. Photography comes a close second, with the “ameteur” photographers in town posting photos you’d never believe.

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