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Crime in Alice Springs – an update

Time for an update on the level of crime in Alice Springs. Last May I wrote yes, there was some crime & anti-social behaviour but overall I felt quite safe living here in Alice Springs.

Nine months later can I still say that the headlines such as this one from 10 February  Crime in Alice Killing the Town are over the top? No, I can’t.

Law and Order Tops Agenda was the front page article of the Alice Springs News of 3 February. Many of the candidates for the Alice Springs Town Council by-election on 26 February are campaigning on law and order issues.

It used to be that many of the stabbings & serious assaults did not involve white people or tourists. Tourist Stabbed in Alice Springs from 12 February has prompted more than one conversation that I’ve heard where locals are commenting  with concern & bewilderment that a German female tourist was the target of this barely late night crime. NT Police released an update today, calling for witnesses.

The Deputy Mayor says our local alcohol restriction laws (which pertain only to Alice Springs and not the entire Territory) are a “quick fix”. He wants to see “wet canteens” at remote communities to stem the flow of people moving in to town to drink.

Today the NT Police issued a media release telling us of a 52 year old man who had his car stolen from his home after being confronted by two women, one of whom threatened him with a shovel. Police found the man’s car & have made an arrest. The person they arrested is aged 15.

On the night of 24 January there were a number of incidents and NT Police made 5 arrests.

We’re only a small town! There shouldn’t be this much crime! The fact that there is tells me there is something seriously wrong.

Attorney-General Delia Lawrie (based in Darwin) states the Government has already announced several measures aimed at reducing crime in Alice Springs. But they don’t seem to be having a great impact!

A person identifying himself as “Local copper” left a comment recently on a previous post of mine. I think it’s worthwhile repeating here. It’s interesting & frightening to note that the local police watch house is no longer available to use as a sobering up shelter.

Hey there. Not sure if this post is still going. From a crime perspective, this town is rampant. As you can tell by the name… i am indead, in the job. We are chronically under staffed and do the best we can. We all live here too and most have families with children. Unfortunatly the stats don’t lie. Politicians do.

Murder capital per capita. Within not wanting to seem crass or racist, one race does dominate this and hide behind the “it’s traditional” excuse. There is nothing traditional about getting so drunk that walking and thinking just can’t occur. But the only thought process that happens is find a weapon and smash the hell out of the person closest to you.

Property crime or volume crime as it is known is a high priority. It is just that without a witness and hard evidence not a lot can be done. The finger printing that you see on the ole chestnut “CSI” is rubbish. Love to have that tech avalable… It in most parts does not exist. We band together and do the Aussie “watch a mates back” we can have an effect.

Police have recently lost on of our best tools. the abilty to remove those so intoxicated that they can’t look after themslves. The sober up shelter is a revolving door… taking them home where other highly intoxicated and usually aggressive people are is a joke.. The last option, the watch house is no longer available for the drunks.

The worst place at the moment is except for sunday night the area around teh 24hr store and old Melankas site // RFDS lawns. Want to see large scale violence… take a chair and a metal cage.. You’ll need it.

Sorry for high jacking this blog and making it all about the poice and crime. I know that is not what it was stated for. Funny how things end up.

Still love this place….. stay safe.

Like many people living in Alice Springs I often work in the CBD and usually my work puts me in the “frontline”, dealing daily with both the good and the bad. It’s not pleasant having to dodge drunks or angry people scuffling & throwing punches, screaming abuse at each other.

Whilst it may not be directed at me personally, it does touch me & puts me on edge. I’m alert, watchful, careful where I walk & park.

My home & neighbourhood is meant to be my sanctuary. However, in recent months I’ve had to remain alert in my own home. Break-ins are common now in my neighbourhood, as are random acts of wilful destruction like setting fire to signs or wheelie bins, knocking over letterboxes, smashing bottles into gardens. A lot of it may be just nuisance crime, but that doesn’t stop it being scary.

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