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Grungy washing machine but other than that …

June 22, 2009 2 comments

It was a good day at work today. Feeling as though I know what I’m doing. Even with the accounts. I cleaned the office washing machine  – the agitator & bowl were just too grungy for my standards. And, according to my contract’s OH&S clause, I do have to take strict breaks from the computer.  🙂

Coping with sudden and moderate nausea okay. Avoided having to use maxalon so that’s good, but will need it tonight. Along with those extra strong pain killers. Damn! Ah well, whatever gets me through the day and night.

The new roster at Alice Tower is starting to impact upon the controllers’ well-being. Hoping the upcoming leave breaks will assist although with each guy who guys on leave, that does put enormous stress on the two left behind. The trainee has many more months to go before he will be operational so more stress there. Hoping my Partner will come home in a more relaxed mood tonight, he’s had to wear most of the extra work load as the acting manager. At least it’s Monday and that means it’s Spooks night on ABC1. We both enjoy time out for Spooks.


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