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Breaking in

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday. Took off early from work.  Good idea.

Now you’re not to laugh. Not too loudly. But visualise if you must.

I forgot my keys yesterday morning.  I didn’t notice until after I’d padlocked the bike to the rack in the Mall.  No problem.  I can get in to the office as there are plenty of other people there.  And we always leave the back door at home unlocked. Always.

Got to departure time and had been so busy I hadn’t had time to phone home to see if my pilot partner had opted to remain in town or fly to Mt Isa for the rodeo.  Had to pop in to Woolies to pick up some muesli and get some cash out of the ATM.  Went to phone the partnerl from my mobile phone.  My mobile died. Battery failure.  Okay. Didn’t feel like traipsing back to the office to see if anyone could give me a lift home so just walked outside, saw laconic Steve the cabbie and jumped in his cab. Supporting local businesses and all that.  $10 later I’m home and there’s no car in the drive. My pilot has probably left town.  It’s okay, the back door should be unlocked.

I notice as I walk down my driveway that my partner has left many of the house windows wide open (to let in warm air as our house is bitterly cold inside).  I try the front door, you never know, the partner has been known to forget to lock this door regularly.  Locked.  Go round the back.  Back door?  Oh…  Locked.  Laundry door (why did I lock that last night?)? Locked.  My little bathroom window is open.  As is the kitchen window and the partner’s study window.  Which one to choose to break in?

I determined that breaking in via a front of house window might result in neighbours making calls and police visits. Stick to back windows.  Basically left the kitchen window.  It’s up high.  The ladder?  It’s indoors, safely locked in. 🙂  Milk crates.  Covered in spider webs but I survive those.  Remove, after much wrangling, the fly screen. The neighbour’s dog is now howling.  Hopefully not at me.  Now I can just lift myself up on to the sharp sill and lean in. Lean inside and clear the sink as much as possible. The last thing I need to do is break the pile of unwashed dishes.  Stop. Go back and grab my jacket I wore this morning.

With the dog howling, I contemplate trying to make what I am doing look normal. I think about holding a “pretend” conversation with “somebody” inside and hope the neighbours (they must be watching by now, do they not wonder what’s set off their pooch?) will assume I’m doing some worthy cleaning or repairing task. In the end I chose to keep my conversation to myself.  I lay my jacket over the sill, jump up, teeter for a bit then scramble in without falling out and back.  In! 🙂

Wasn’t able to determine if my pilot partner had left for a weekend in Isa or was just out for the day.  Didn’t  look like enough flying stuff had been taken, the coffee thermos was still in the cupboard, along with the packet of snakes (in-flight sustenance for the pilot) so perhaps he would turn up later in the evening.  Retrieved my keys from the breakfast bar and they’re now safely clipped inside my backpack. 🙂

What an adventure. No police visits.


The dog stopped howling once I was indoors. 🙂