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Urine, skeptics & porn

July 7, 2009 2 comments

Life’s funny some times isn’t it? The places we get to when we click on an innocent link in Twitter. Today I read a short, sharp essay on Mind Body Spirit (Wallet) expos. Written by an Australian skeptic, this brief post discusses how he comes to practise holding his tongue in the face of bizarre, unproven beliefs.

A stand at the expo featured one of the more obscure alternative health therapies that skirts the fringe on New Age beliefs. Urine Therapy.  Yep, drinking your own p*ss.  I’d only seen mention of this on deeply buried internet pages. Seems the proponents of drinking your own urine for alleged health benefits are now creeping into mainstream new age festivals.  I have to wonder, how do the proponents of this therapy make their money if it’s your own urine your drinking? Do they sell other, healthier peoples’ urine perhaps? Maybe that’s stronger, full of more … um … more … toxins??? Bizarre.  Some claim it is allegedly able to cure diseases (dis-eases) like AIDS or chronic illnesses. My scientific mind looks at the chemistry involved and just says “no”.  Sorry. But you go ahead and drink up and be merry. If that’s your thing. 🙂

(Note: some of the links and suggestions that follow are NSFW! – Not Safe For Work)

As I read Saunders’ post, the synapses in my brain made all sorts of connections, bringing up memories, thoughts & old bookmarks.  And I have to tell you, it was all just plain wrong! Especially if you’re staid, conservative and think ropes are for tying down the tarp on the trailer. (Err, for the ultra conservatives among you, ropes are also handy for Shibari. Which could be looked upon as a form of new age therapy. Don’t know if it’d cure cancer, but it would be fun tying. Trying 🙂  )

But you don’t need to enjoy ropes and knots to “enjoy” the other type of Urine Therapy which is just plain old kinky.  As in sex.  As in porn. As in lesbian water sports porn.  For me, girl on girl wet action is a whole lot more desirable than peeing into a glass and drinking the fluid produced by my genito-urinary system.  And I dare say, girls playing together is probably healthier too.  Tastier than drinking metabolic wastes.  A bit of splashing won’t hurt, but a whole glassful of urine’s possibly not the best thing to sip, even if it is sterile. Unless you’re in dire straits.  For me, rather than experiment with the unsubstantiated beliefs of the New Age’s Urine Therapy, I’d much prefer to experiment & consume the kinky, wet lesbian porn.  I know I’ll be more relaxed, happy and stress-free!  Gosh, that’d be healthy wouldn’t it?  🙂

(Sorry, no links inserted in the above paragraph. You can do your own Googling. Try Glimpse + it (could be considered hardcore). Abby Winters dot com (not so hardcore). Rebekah Dee, Wendy Taylor.  Hightide videos (extreme … be very afraid) Or use  Jane’s Guide for safer searching & reviews. )