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Drugged up with naked thoughts

July 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m at home today. Drugged up on Stemetil to combat some unpleasant middle ear inbalance & associated nausea. In no condition to drive to work today (or ride my bike!). And in no condition to be in charge of a computer either me thinks. 🙂 The Stemetil is relieving the nausea thank the gods.

Anyway, a day at home allows me to cast an eye and a brain over a few things I’ve placed in my “yet to do” tray on my desk.

E-health records

The National Health and Hospitals Reforms Commission released its’ report and recommendations to the public yesterday. Much fanfare, a scattering of oft-seen politicians, a lot to think about IF the government actually opts to implement any or all of the recommendations. I’d like to comment upon recommendation #13 – that by “2012, every Australian should be able to have a personal electronic health record that will at all times be owned and controlled by that person.”

I live in Alice Springs, a very small town of around 27 000 people. And we have had access to electronic health records for some time. As a former nurse I found them a useful tool in providing optimum care for my patients. These days, as a patient myself, I find these e-health records to be so time-saving and useful for both the doctor and myself.

Last night I found myself having to use the privately run After Hours GP Clinic. It was an urgent consultation, but not life-threatening, hence I opted not to attend the Emergency Department of the local hospital. I’d been unable to obtain an appointment with my regular GP’s clinic and I was in need of treatment. I felt like crap, I’d had to leave work early, and I was a bit scared of the symptoms being experienced. Fortunately, Alice Springs has the wonderful After Hours service, and more fortunately, I am able to afford the $95 fee (some of which will be refunded by Medicare). As I checked in at reception, I signed the consent that basically says, yes please do share my health records between my regular clinic and the After Hours practice. I have no problems with privacy here. Sharing my e-health record makes life so much easier for me and the treating health care provider. Last night, feeling quite unwell, the doctor was able to go back through my recent medical history with both my regular GP and the hospital. That meant he was up to speed and better able to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. It saved me having to remember and recite it all. So useful. I am a great fan of the shared electronic health record. And very pleased we already have this system in place in Alice Springs. 🙂

Naked thoughts

A friend has suggested (re-suggested actually) that I do a naked outdoor photo shoot. Given that I feel like crap still, together with the fact it’s only 11 degrees as I type and we’re only expecting a maximum of 18 today, I’m not likely to do this today. 🙂

[Warning! The link to Project ISM below goes to a page that contains images of nudity. It is considered an adult site. ]

Originally I had been going to put together a portfolio of shots a few summers ago but got distracted with life and thus the project has been put aside for now. But I am giving the idea fresh consideration. How can I verbally support a public art project such as ISM unless I am prepared to partake? It would boost the numbers of older women being featured, something I, and the women who work behind the scenes (and in front of the camera) believe is important. But I’m now approaching 48, the body has been battling a few health issues, and I find myself re-examining both my reasoning for partaking, as well as coming up against some self-confidence issues. These days I’m a little fussier about who I display my nakedness to. 🙂 Then there’s the whole planning the shoot exercise – the where and when of it all.

A close female friend, older than myself, did a nude shoot a couple of years ago. She used a professional photographer who specialises in the female nude. The shots are awesome! But they’re also out there on the internet. As she says, it’s a risk, but one worth taking for her. She found the entire experience liberating and boosted her senses of sensuality & sexuality. So far, no-one at her work place, nor in her social group (apart from myself) have stumbled across the internet display. Oddly enough, no visitors to her home have commented on just who the subject is in those fine black and white nudes on display in her lounge room. Was she not recognized? Or are people a bit too embarrassed to speak up?

Other women I know or are aquainted with have shot themselves for Project ISM. A few have gone on to do “other film work” for the Feck sites. All have enjoyed their experiences, for a variety of reasons.

It’s not like I haven’t done nude shots and film before. I have. But I was so much younger. I didn’t have to worry about being “found out” (I wore sunglasses.  🙂  ) (You’d have to be extremely familiar with me to pick me out in any of those old photos.) (Sorry, no links. It was a very long time ago, the internet was young, You Tube wasn’t in existence and I don’t even have copies.)

But my lifestyle was very different back then. These days I’m far more conservative in my living arrangements. I’m not sure my partner would be thrilled at the idea. He wouldn’t try to stop me, but he’d probably ask that I not announce it to the town folk. Or his family. My family are okay with the idea. Most of them.

But I am working and interacting in a small community. I can see the potential for what I do in my creative arts work to be misinterpreted, not to mention being possibly displayed as “pornographic”. So I need to be very clear in my mind what it is I want to achieve with partaking of Project ISM, and where I want it to lead artistically. Before I disrobe and pick up the camera.