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Some respect for those working in the porn industry

November 12, 2009 4 comments

I read this blog post over at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang today and my immediate reaction was ‘hear, hear!’

The writer’s point being that just because she has chosen to work in the porn industry (be it artistic or mainstream) and there are now photos and videos of her nude body & being sexual  out on the web, it doesn’t give you the right to be rude or disrespectful.

She talks about the misconception some viewers have that the women who appear in porn are all “hot sluts just gagging for it” (with them). They’re not.

What you as the viewer (and hopefully purchaser) of the porn videos get from the experience of viewing is your own, individual experience. Enjoy your fantasies as you watch. That’s what the sites, photos and flicks are there for. But don’t assume, don’t transfer your feelings on to the person on the screen.

What the women and men who make porn get out of the experience, well, that’s their own thing.

If you’re going to email or contribute to a forum with the contributors (the stars), don’t continue on with your fantasy. Be polite, be respectful. For goodness sake, be downright grateful! For without these willing stars, there would be no decent, ethical porn vids to watch.

For the readers of this post unaware of the existence of decent, respectful, ethical porn, I direct you over to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s blog again.  She has lots of nice, sexy links. Click.



June 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I was recognized in the supermarket this afternoon. By one of the clients of the office where I am working. I’ve only been working two days, so to be recognized this early is pretty amazing I think.

Now depending on what your job is and what industry you’re working in, bumping in to one of your organisation’s clients when you’re on your day off can be a good thing. When I worked in insurance sales (hangs head in shame at admitting that), running in to a client when out and about was a top opportunity to network and increase sales.

Nursing in a small town often meant running in to former and current patients when socializing or shopping. This was easily handled through polite greetings yet maintaining, for the most part, definite and professional boundaries.  Any encounters outside the hospital were always friendly. No problems at all.

But where I’m currently working, and considering working permanently, is a slightly different scenario. I did not expect a client would so openly approach me in public, at least, not this soon. My nursing training was of no use in handling the situation so I responded with simple politeness. Later, it raised the question in my mind of how often will this sort of scenario occur in this small town?

My partner and I lead very, very quiet, private, almost reclusive lives here in Alice Springs. Certainly this is one of the attractions of life in the remote town for me. We have friends here, but we don’t seek to expand our circle. We are not in to the party scene or the weekend bbq scene. Blissful nights at home are our thing and we make them a priority. When we do venture out together as a couple, we don’t expect to run in to “work”. Colleagues maybe, but not clients. Which, given the population of this town, is rather too high an expectation I think. The Domestic Partner and I have had a brief chat about this this evening. The differences in approach between the community organisations and the clinical. And …. I’m just an administrative worker.

All of the above paragraphs are just me thinking out loud, sifting through what I need to consider before I commit myself to submitting an application for the permanent job.

Time for me to sign off. Partner is home again and it’s lovely to have his company and conversation filling the house. What with a political scandal brewing (Question Time in federal parliament tomorrow should be a doozy) and the Henry Report on taxation due to be released soon, there’s a lot to chew over this evening in front of the heater. 🙂