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Crackers, swine, cattle & assorted viruses :)

July 2, 2009 2 comments

I’ve had a bit of a rough week. Started when somebody blew a nasty virus down my throat. Lovely. Nausea, weakness & worsening asthma were the result. Along with the trip to the hospital, followed by orders for strict bed rest and home detention. No trip to the Show either, bugger. I shall miss the cows. I like a good cattle sale and showing. Now the drought’s over (sort of), the quality and numbers of Territory cattle have increased greatly and I was very much looking forward to perusing some fine, hardy specimens. Given how wonky I have been the past few days, I shall follow the doctor’s orders and stay away, alas.

Lots of swine flu in Central Australia, much of it coming to Alice Springs. The hospital’s all set up with a proper flu clinic and I was examined very thoroughly although they opted not to run swabs as I didn’t meet the criteria (diabetics, COPD & renal only). But, they were very keen to keep me at home – hospitals being dangerous places, with all sorts of lurking bacteria and viruses.

I think I may have turned the corner with this virus of mine this afternoon. Still wonky, but able to potter around very gently. I even prepared food to eat tonight. Wonderful. Still walking around clutching my Ventolin and small-volume spacer (as per the doctor’s very STERN orders) as breathing is a bit of a problem every now and then. But, I am hopeful tomorrow will see the real beginning of recovery and return to good health.And completing that job application I started last weekend.

It was Territory Day yesterday. That meant there were lots of fireworks last night. I’m too weary and sick to type my own description, but here’s a very accurate description of cracker night in Alice, courtesy of Sean the Blogonaut. It sounded the same at my place too.There are stray, illegal detonations happening tonight. Part of the Territory Lifestyle. 🙂


Croaking out loud

June 29, 2009 Leave a comment

This working full time business doesn’t leave much time to do much else in life does it? Like writing out that formal job application which is due next week. Didn’t help that I started to feel unwell on Saturday afternoon and got progressively worse over the Sunday.

Today I spent most of it sleeping and resting my voice. It’s very croaky. Had a conversation this evening with my local medical clinic as to the likelihood of my being contagious or not, along with negotiating an appointment (there are none to be had tomorrow but I’m welcome to phone at 8am for an emergency booking or perhaps I can get myself up to the Hospital’s ED?)

I’m told I look pasty. I feel quite pasty too. And the voice, well, it’s nice and husky. Sounding less like flu and more your standard pharyngitis. Annoying but survivable. Oh, and the GORD has relapsed … to be expected, had a lovely few weeks with only moderate symptoms.

Hoping to make it in to work tomorrow morning. It’s a shortened week due the public holiday on Friday for the Alice Springs Show. Just won’t be able to do much talking.

Had a chat with someone I consider to be a mentor about my job application. Looked at the various options as full time really isn’t my thing. Discussed the benefits of 3 days pw, 2 days pw and just being the casual call out person covering leave relief.

The commitment part of applying for either 2 or 3 days on a permanent basis does require, well, commitment. Am I too much of a free spirit? Looking at my personal life, then yes. Or am I too worried about having to manage a chronic illness with the commitment? Definitely. Bit of both. Downside of the permanent role is the lower ranking and pay. Always read the fine print. Still reasonable pay, but substantially less than the casual rate.

Thinking very seriously about just doing the casual call out thing. Not only is it better money per hour, the relief work required to be covered will be at least 6 weeks per year (assuming I’m offered the contract, and also assuming I am available). Plus the possibility of a bit extra. Doing the sums, that’s enough to cover my basic costs for the year. I’m likely to pick up work in Adelaide over the summer too, so that’d boost my income.

In a way, this burst of illness is a bonus, helping me marshal my thoughts more clearly.

The application and selection criteria are written, just need a final edit. And to finish off that paragraph on the hours I’d want. Next step is the Disclosures Statement. With community organisations I like to be very honest about what they’re taking on when they hire me.

I do have one other concern with this job. With one of the staff members about to relocate and do much of her job online (terrific), there has been discussion over the past week about some of her tasks being handed back to Administration (i.e. me)(not so terrific). From what I’ve observed, it is a busy enough role as it is, and whilst I expect it would get easier with familiarity, it’s still a very busy week. Too busy.

Apart from all of the above, it has been a lovely place in which to work. The clients can make you laugh, interesting and passionate people, working co-operatively. Lovely environment. For the most part. Maybe it’s because I’m new, but people have spoken to me, needing to off-load. Not everyone is completely happy. I’m not able to yet determine whether this is a long term problem, or just a few having a bad week. Interesting. Everybody has a story. I do have to say that I like the boss of Admin, she’s not only passionate, but she’s good at her job, fast, and honest. She wouldn’t survive in the public service but she’s cut out for a community organisation. Wish I had half her energy.