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Interesting conversations

June 5, 2010 2 comments

I’m still processing the odd conversation I heard at work during the past week.

It was an enlightening & interesting insight into one person’s past and brought out others’ highly positive & embracing views.

I’m left with a feeling of well, who would have thought huh?

You get used to colleagues revealing personal histories of alcohol addiction, multiple divorces & adultery. We all have hidden skeletons in our lives.

But it’s not often you hear a workmate confess to having done sex work.

I don’t have a problem with it. It’s just that I’m surprised that it’s this particular person. Like I said above, who would have thought huh?

I think it would have been highly entertaining & interesting for the conversation to have continued but alas, work intervened.


An artistic life

November 15, 2009 1 comment

I love looking at artists’ blogs & websites.  Apart from the beautiful images often posted therein, I enjoy the insight I get in to their minds and their art. I find it can be as relaxing as a slow meander of an art gallery on a quiet afternoon. It can also be incredibly inspiring, firing up my own creative synapses, presenting me with ideas I’d like to explore.

No matter what medium the artist works with, be it photography, painting, sculpture, text or film (to name but a few), art does have value. Art for art’s sake, not just as a commodity. (Although, to be paid for one’s art is very nice feedback for one’s endeavours.)

The internet makes it so easy for artists to share their work with the world. It’s great and I appreciate it.

I’m quite a fan of people using their blogs as a form of text-based creative exploration. They might be discussing any manner of topic, but the fact that they’re writing and putting it ‘out there’ on the web for all to see, makes it creative. I also enjoy those who post video monologues to achieve the same end, a discussion on a topic, expressing thoughts and maybe exploring different options as they talk. I do love it when a writer uses the web in this way as one means of exploring and creating.

I have a great love of photography. I’m not a great fan of digital manipulation although I appreciate the skill and artistry. I prefer the thoughtfully composed (or luckily composed!) simple photograph. Landscapes, the urban jungle and fine art nudes are my favourite themes.

I find paintings and drawings fascinating. Possibly because I don’t draw very well at all. 🙂 I love to look closely at the details, to see the brushstrokes and colours. That’s easier done when you have the painting in front of you in a gallery or studio. But I get a lot of enjoyment from reading what the artist has to say about how a particular painting came about and what they were trying to express. Again my favourite subjects are landscapes and female nudes. I like nudes that show women’s beauty within. This is something I look for in photographs of women too.

Artists who work with film or performance challenge me. Often the material they are presenting makes you think, sometimes about issues you’ve not given thought to before. I like that.

Anyway, here is an assortment of artists whose sites have given me much delight this weekend. Some of them have been ‘Favourites’ for a long time, some recently discovered and a few recently re-discovered.

Note: Some of the sites may feature some nudity and/or sexual imagery or discussion thereof. Not all. Just a few. It’s art. It’s relevant. It’s worthwhile.


xobs – and do read her ‘about’ page

Kate Hughes

Just A Perfect Day


If Not For You Then Who – play a couple of the videos

Faceless-Music – this group are exploring “Dead and Desirable”, life on the internet.

Quiet Sundays in the Desert

September 27, 2009 2 comments

I adore quiet Sundays, those days when the neighbourhood is quietly resting, just a few cars driving past but barely disturbing the peace.

My daughter and her lovely partner have departed, their company, whilst unobtrusive, is missed by both myself and my partner.

Then I had to return to work. Full on, short staffed, myriad of things that went wrong and needing fixing. And somehow, the new administrative assistant whom I am supposed to be supporting, she seems to believe that I am the fount of all knowledge of administrative matters for this organisation. The remaining few staff also seem to think I know a lot more than I do. I try to explain that the Administrator (capital ‘A’) is the wondrous fount of knowledge, not I. I point out that I’ve only been working for a few months, and only on certain tasks and no, no, no, a thousand times no, I do not have access to the organisation’s online banking facility or its credit card. So I can’t pay those bills, sorry.

Should be most interesting when the Administrator returns to the office on Tuesday morning. Just in time for the payroll to be done again. And to discover that no, they didn’t end up doing those job interviews they were meant to do two weeks ago. I see task upon task piling up on the Administrator’s desk.

Glad I’m off out of town shortly (again) (yes, I know, can’t tie me down).

Two weeks to go …

July 31, 2009 2 comments

Two weeks to go then my full-time working gig will be complete. It’s been hard yards, very glad next week is a short week (Picnic Day, gotta love the Territory, we have some great public holidays!).

The organisation found a highly qualified person willing to take over my role full time & with “committment” (did I just spell that word wrong? See, I really do have problems with commitments, even with the spelling let alone the concept.)

I’m happy to be looking at the end of the stint. Have enjoyed the work, loved the organisation, pocketed the money. But, the body is suffering so a short holiday is in order. The Road Trip fast approaches and I am soooo looking forward to jumping in to my sister’s car and hitting the New England Highway. 🙂

Flu shots & other meandering thoughts

July 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Psyching myself up for the flu shot tomorrow morning. Yes, I know it’s only a little needle (I’ve looked) but I am so much better at giving injections than I am at receiving them. Still, it’s only 0.5ml to be forced into my upper bicep muscle.

I thought I’d escaped having to have the annual flu shot. Haven’t bothered since I left nursing. But the past couple of winters have seen me a wee bit prone to the full range of upper respiratory tract ailments. Currently I’m swallowing twice a day these enormous sized antibiotic tablets for the sinus infection which settled in and made itself at home in a vacant sinus in my skull last week. As a consequence of the congestion, the asthma worsened. So now puffing and sucking preventers and relievers to keep the bronchials open. And a fine job that preventer is doing too, marvellous stuff. My chest feels so free and open. Anyway, the upshot of all this is that the doctor decided I really needed to have an urgent flu shot. Just to be sure.

The Domestic Partner had announced his intention to fly to Adelaide over the weekend. He was even going to bring home a house guest. But he got to Friday, I wasn’t well, he was weary and thus he cancelled his trip. So we thought we might just fly down to Dalhousie Springs for today. Unfortunately my ear began aching with the above mentioned infection and I didn’t want to risk rupturing an ear drum flying in an unpressurised plane. Next weekend is looking much better for a Dalhousie trip. Or perhaps we’ll do the decadent “let’s do Sunday lunch at the Birdsville pub” thing. That would be divine. Fingers crossed.

Domestic Partner spent most of his weekend preparing his tax files. And experimenting with some new build of local scenery for Flight Sim for one of the developers by the look at what’s on his screen. I spent my time foraging food in a supermarket, the weekly ritual of washing my clothes and then some time trying to plan the Big Road Trip for my sister. And resting. I had a couple of nanna naps. I hate nanna naps, that sleep inertia afterwards. Bleh.

Work is okay. I do wish the boss could find the time to sort through the applicants and work out the interview schedule for the permanent role. My week and a half as a casual has stretched in to more than a month now. I don’t mind the money of course. But the hours are long. I was hoping to assertively inform the office that sorry, can only do 3 or 4 days this week onwards, but they’re dreadfully short staffed this week. One of the senior staffers told me not to worry, to just work the hours I want and they would cope. But the thing is, I know that the in-tray would be left to overflow with accounts. They would be there waiting for me, thus making my fewer days at work that much busier. Wondering if I should adopt the attitude most temps have and not worry about (a) the size of the in-tray, and (b) not getting all the work done.

‘Tis a pleasant organisation to work for. Nice people, interesting mix, clients are both challenging and fun. Long term, I would be happy to continue working for them on a part-time basis. Just as long as they realize I will be taking time off in August and later again in the year for my various trips.

I am a bit concerned that, in spite of number of applicants, the boss might decide that it’d be far easier to simply hire me given as I’ve now had the training and some experience in the job. That’d be fine, except I need to know now. I’d like to have the boss sit still and quietly for more than a few minutes so I can discuss my travel needs. And discuss the fact that I really don’t enjoy doing the accounts. I can do them, quite adequately, but they’re not my favourite past time. Especially not when the boss is supposed to find the time to sign off on said accounts before I do the data entry otherwise we end up having the kind of day we had last Tuesday when it was barely controlled chaos to get the accounts entered and paid. (And then the bank stuffed up things big time but that’s not our problem or story.)

Complications of life

Complications have arisen with my mother’s relocation to Adelaide next month. Mother is elderly, frail and won’t fly. Fair enough. So, relocation by road. She doesn’t drive. That’s what daughters are for. 🙂  Again, fair enough. And it’s very likely that this will be her final trip, so we daughters are more than happy to comply with the request for the Road Trip.And of course, the Sister, being a filmmaker, is using the opportunity to add material to her project. All very good.

My sister is partly disabled and lives with severe, chronic pain. This limits her time sitting in a vehicle (be it a car or a plane). Hence her request for me to join the trip. When my job came up, Sister was happy to continue on organising and assisting Mother. Time has passed, there have been the inevitable delays but now we have definite dates and the house in Adelaide will be clean and ready for Mother & Sister’s occupation in August. I was sadly prepared to drop my participation in the Big Trip in favour of my new job. Now, a complication has arisen.

The Sister’s physical limitations are more severe than first thought. She’s spent some time doing practise driving trips, speaking with her various therapists and doctors. The upshot? The Road Trip goes ahead, as it must. BUT … my presence is now required. I don’t mind. As I said yesterday, it’s a terrific artistic opportunity for various film & writing projects. But now, the pressure’s on me to fly over.

Which all leads to a little re-write on that part of my job application where I declare what holidays & travel I have booked for this year. Tap, tap, tap … a phone call or two … more tap, tap, tap, save. The Tassie trip can be pushed back as late as December if necessary, and the Relocating Mother Road Trip must go ahead in mid-late August. Think I’m pushing my luck with the job? Have a feeling I’ll be relegated to casual pool for the organisation (which is fine and highly acceptable). That’s what I’d do if I were in charge.

Think I’m getting better!

Today, I felt almost human again. It’s been a long & arduous journey but finally I have turned the corner. The virus is retreating, the asthma has settled dramatically, appetite is returning. And I’m not quite so weary. Still a wee bit tired, but that’s to be expected I guess. Will be at work on Monday. I’ll drive, think I may be pushing my luck if I ride the bike.

Missed the Show. That’s a pity.

Did finally get around to completing that job application and deciding what hours I’m prepared to work. Will email that off tomorrow for I know the Administrator will check her work emails on her days off.  Rounded up a referee who wasn’t dead or nowhere to be found.

I seem to be surrounded by people planning Big Road Trips. Had a great chat tonight with a friend who is hoping to spend a few weeks driving from Alice – Melbourne – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Alice via the Isa. What a journey!

My sister has bought a car from a trusted friend and is opting to do her Big Road Trip from Brisbane to Adelaide via a leisurely 10 days meandering through NSW and Victoria. I have been invited to join this trip, it’s a wonderful opportunity to record extra stills and video, and reconnoitre some background planning for next year’s driving trips, all to add to a handful of artistic projects currently underway. Some fantastic ideas firing off in my head with this: chronicling recovery, exploring middle-age self-confidence and feminism & then there’s the madcap exploration of Australian genre outback/rural film, fantasies abound. Every person has a story, a journey travelled. Old but true.

Assuming I get the permanent job, I’m not sure I’ll get the time off in August for the Road Trip, but I have asked. I am willing to forgo the trip although I’d dearly love to participate. I have also requested time off work to flit off to Tasmania to see Youngest Born Daughter. My flights cover the same time period as the Administrator’s, but I am happy enough to push my trip back to October and reduce it to 3 weeks. I am not willing to cancel this one. Haven’t seen the Youngest for more than 15 months now. And I am very keen to spend some time exploring the west coast and north-west of the island, the only parts I’ve not yet seen. Tassie’s a lovely spot. Funny, my friend tonight laughed and said “listen to us, here we are, living in the desert, planning detailed trips to luxuriant green landscapes”. 🙂 Time to start thinking about leaving the desert?  <: -)  Maybe in a year or two.